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arrow What is the biocomputer?
arrow Is the MIND MAGIC Program something you discovered or invented?
arrow What do you mean by Attachment?
arrow What is the Flow State?
arrow Does MIND MAGIC work for everyone?
arrow What is involved in 'doing' the MIND MAGIC Program?
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arrow What changes can I expect to notice in my life as a result of MIND MAGIC?
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How does MIND MAGIC work?
MIND MAGIC automatically installs new ways of thinking. MIND MAGIC works by reprogramming the mind to utilize more productive processes toward goals which the whole person has refined through intensive self-examination. Mental habits are upgraded to an optimal biocomputer process singlepointedly focused on these fully integrated goals. Therefore in each moment the tendency is to remain focused on these goals, without distraction, because the mind is now all of one voice.


What is the biocomputer?
The processing power of the mind is very much like a great computer. Some useless programs are the common ways of using the mind which tend to be self-defeating. Time is frittered away on processes which do not get the person to where the person wishes to go. Some typical examples are Worrying, Fear, Anger, Daydreaming, Attachment,  Endless loops, Hurrying (a covert form of fear), etc.


What do you mean by Attachment?
Attachment causes some of the most counterproductive behaviors listed above (worrying, fear, anger). Attachment is a complex subject that is widely misunderstood. Some believe that Nonattachment means the absence or suppression of all desires. What is actually sought as the desired end state is that one’s desires have become thoroughly integrated within one’s longterm intentions and plans.


What is the Flow State?
The Flow State and is characterized by positive emotion, a sense of play, and maximum effectiveness. In the passage of time a fourth element develops, a sense of connectedness to the Universe, within which one is playing, with no sense of self vs. other.


Is the Mind Magic Program something you discovered or invented?
Before the Mind Magic program, many people for thousands of years have discovered the same principles, and attempted to help others by communicating these principles in the best language available at that era. Today we have the use of computers to help us frame ways of saying things that are much more illuminating as regards the mind, since it too is a computer. This leverage is used in Mind Magic. The use of words in Mind Magic speaks directly to parts of the mind that are below the surface level of consciousness, and Mind Magic is therefore able – with the informed consent of the user – to reprogram the deeper layers of the mind.


Does it work for everyone?
The book has been purchased by over 35,000 people over the years and only 11 returned it. The book has also been used as course text at 34 universities including UCLA and NYU. These are techniques that I find work for me, and for thousands of others who have written to say the techniques also work for them. Bill Harvey says, "Now with the DVD added to the book we are excited by the anticipated increase in the power of this program to stimulate flow state."


What is involved in 'doing' the MIND MAGIC PROGRAM?
You'll be viewing a dvd segment and reading a small section of the book. Both viewing and reading work well together with treadmills, stationary bikes, etc. So you could tuck the MM program into time you are already spending each day. Then you will want to take a few minutes of quiet alone time to reflect and observe and maybe jot some things down in a notebook.


How much time will I have to spend each day?
20 minutes that you’ll put aside for your Self. What works best is to have a specific time each day. If necessary you can break it up into more than 1 session. For example you can watch the video segment while treadmilling and then read the book segment another time. And jot down a few observations in a notebook before turning in at night.


What changes can I expect to notice in my life as a result of MIND MAGIC?
Everyone is unique and therefore may notice unique changes in any of various areas of their lives, mental, emotional, social, creative, and so on. Also how you observe them may be different than others. So we recommend you jot things down throughout the 60 days when you notice something new. Benefits of the Mind Magic Program


What if it doesn’t work for me?
If you follow all the steps in the time frame and still see no results you can return MIND MAGIC and get a full refund for the cost of the package.



Read what people say about Mind Magic...

“MIND MAGIC is an exquisite example of 'transformational software'.a practical guide for developing the power of mindfulness. The most striking thing to me about MIND
MAGIC is its incredible clarity. It is
a brilliant condensation of wisdom
that resonates with the higher
aspects of our beings and is experienced as truth..”
- Dr. Rick Ingrasci,
reviewing the book in
New Age Journal

“This book is a practical tool for
people who want to look at how
their heads and lives are working
and then establish a more effective order in that process."
- Rich Eivers, reviewing the
book in East West Journal

“A masterpiece .which guides
the reader through a real process of Self-discovery..Its message is communicated with precise clarity.
I have found Mind Magic to be enormously useful in my own life
and have strongly encouraged my
close friends to study it diligently
and use it continuously.”
- Helyn Connerr,
reviewing the book in
Women for Women Weekly

“…it is the best tool I've come across for discovering one's true will..A
basic program for remaining sane
in this crazy, hectic, speedy culture
we live in. Here you will find keys to unlock your feelings, intuitions, imagination and creativity and open you up to your full potential.”
- Selene Bonewits,
reviewing the book in
Pentalpha Journal

“An extraordinary book. I see it as
a guide for daily living. I let it
open up by chance when I take
it up - the lesson is always
amazingly appropriate.”
- Claudia H. Chicago, IL

“This book has become the decade's major and most EASILY understood scientific achievement..And it
seems to work like magic AS you
read it. IT works. YOU don't. Rather than tell you how to transform
your life, it gently does it TO you
AS you read.”
- John Z. New York, NY

“I feel that new doors of awareness have been opened for me.
MIND MAGIC has been a catalyst.”
- Peter S Tallahassee, FL

"Has increased my power, tolerance, health, and sense of well bring."
- Anne J. Ithaca, NY

“I love your book. I have dyslexia and find it easy to read and understand.”
- Joseph L. Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

“...Very creative, informative, refreshing, relevant, powerful.”
- Tom M., Stoneham, MA

“Reading your work was a joy.
Sharing it a pleasure... Living it a
duty to the magical presence
that lives in each of us...”
- Leo E., Louisville, KE

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