Excerpt from Bill Harvey's book

Pages 226-227

When individuals seem to differ,
and one of those individuals
is your current robot,
decide what action to take
giving equal consideration to all individuals.

In other words,
treat others no better and no worse
than you treat your current robot.

Freeing Creative Effectiveness book

Do no sacrifice your current robot
to the whims of others,

and do not sacrifice others
to the whims of your current robot.

Decide proper action based on the criterion

of maximizing the net value to all concerned.

For example, sacrificing your entire life
for one other person would seem to result
losses merely equalizing gains
for the universe;

sacrificing ten minutes of your life
for someone else’s hour
would seem to result
in more gains than losses
for the universe.

Do not create unnatural pockets of acceptance
in the universe.

That is, do not go along with others
just to be kind,
when their actions discomfit you;

this would have the effect
of reinforcing such actions
so that they will tend to be repeated
more frequently and intensively.

Your cog is where it is
to naturally buffer other cogs
so that the whole machine
sticks to the plan.

Let your cog
be explicitly honest
with the other cogs.

However, despite the immense power
of the other huge driving wheels
of the universe,

ultimately the smallest hears
are delicately balanced,

and so always compound
your honesty with gentleness.

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