Excerpt from Bill Harvey's book


Page 73


Freeing Creative Effectiveness book

Learn to identify which of your thoughts and actions
are inspired by your consistency program;

and subject these thoughts and actions
to objective critical review
as if the past did not exist,
and therefore as if no precedent exists,

Start your life anew with a clear slate each moment.

Spontaneously think and act
so as to break established patterns
of thought and behavior,

unless in a given instance
there are no valid reasons for doing so.

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Readers write...

"This book...seems to work like magic AS you read it. IT works. YOU don't. Rather than tell you how to transform your life,
it gently does it TO you
AS you read."
John Z. New York, NY

“I’m moved to write the only
testimonial of my career. It’s like experiencing a mirror image of my
own brain, the very program my inner computer would write if it could...
I’ve had a large burst of energy since working with your ideas...”
- Carrol D. Nederland, CO

"...A masterpiece, a classic taking a prominent stance among current literature... Broken down into ultimate simplicity and mellowness, hence ideal as a textbook of Consciousness."
- Reynold P. Trinidad, West Indies

"I have read many books in my life,
and always found something lacking
in most of them. This has nothing lacking except it was too short.
I want more."
- Charles H. Mesa, AZ

"This book is an exquisite example of 'transformational software'. A practical guide for developing the power of mindfulness. The most striking thing
to me about the book is its incredible clarity. It is a brilliant condensation
of wisdom that resonates with the higher aspects of our beings and is experienced as truth...And it really works. My suggestion: experience this
book and share it."
- Dr. Rick Ingrasci, reviewing
the book in New Age Journal

“You’re on the right path out of the maze of today’s paralyzed world.”
- Fred K. Beloit, KS

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