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MIND MAGIC is a unique stimulus to breaking old mental habits. Different from the typical self-help book, it is designed to evoke your ideas, and get you thinking and acting in new ways. Instead of a rigorous set of arguments for a specific technique, MIND MAGIC glides along effortlessly, stimulating you in a light and sometimes humorous but always unexpected way, with a constantly shifting cascade of stimulating ideas.

If everyone were to read just this one book, the improvement in social and personal consciousness would be astounding.
— Lynn S., Indianapolis, IN

…a practical tool for people who want to look at how their heads and lives are working and then establish a more effective order in that process. The book is not the presentation of a system of knowledge but is rather a way of knowing. — East/West Journal

…a practical guide for developing the power of mindfulness. The most striking thing to me about the book is its incredible clarity. It is a brilliant condensation of wisdom that resonates with the higher aspects of our beings and is experienced as truth... And it really works. My suggestion: experience this book and share it. — Dr. Rick Ingrasci, from his review in Eric Utne’s New Age Journal

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A new age classic, MIND MAGIC doesn’t just tell you how — it provides you with tools and insights to see into your life situation in new ways, effortlessly. The innovative ideas and methods in MIND MAGIC will help you to…

There is probably something for you to learn in the relationship. Is the other person mirroring something in you? Discover radically creative new perspectives with MIND MAGIC. Read a sample.

arrowJudo your STRESS
Stress can be a doorway to insight. With new ways of thinking, you will see with deep clarity the things that have been stressing you. Instead of feeling stressed, you feel elated. Read a sample.

arrowRe-Invent your LIFE
You actually have the power to create who you are. Even if you have put this off all your life and just drifted into whom you currently appear to be. What does the real you want to do? In order to be a success, you have to enjoy what you are doing. Some of us are playing out roles not of our own choosing. MIND MAGIC helps you to separate the real you from your conditioning. Once you love what you do, you become expert at it. You begin to experience moments of a higher state of being called Flow State. Read a sample.

Gain the benefits of meditation at every moment — not just for the time you sit quietly. Meditating throughout your life involves a profound shift in perspective that releases you from bondage to your attachments and ruts, giving you true freedom and creativity. Read a sample.

arrowDevelop your SPIRITUAL LIFE
Do you have a relationship with God, or with a Higher Power? Or do you seek a spiritual life without feeling the desire to believe in such Entities? MIND MAGIC helps you explore these questions within yourself, and more than that, it sensitizes you spiritually with little effort on your part. Read a sample.

Why the Book MIND MAGIC Is Unique:

The ideas and methods in MIND MAGIC can have significant impact in the world. It's a better way to run your mind. It comes down to thinking without words.

For centuries, rare individuals have attempted to refocus their minds this way by means of meditative practices. What’s new is a book that tunes your mind as you read it. If you do not see an increase in your effectiveness (not to mention your degree of interest and enjoyment in watching the micro details of moment-to-moment life) you can get a refund anytime.

If we all get more effective, the chances increase of winning the human race.

Excerpt from the Preface of MIND MAGIC

Over time fortunately some patterns coalesced out of studying the results of hundreds of personal interviews with readers, the letters and cards, and all other available information. Here, for example, is what readers say about what makes the book different from other books on the same general subject.

• Experiential— it focuses on the intimate reality of what life is really like, looking out from inside    a conscious self, and not knowing too much for certain about anything.

• Instructions You Can Follow— the language is not vague but explicit, clear and simple with    no hidden assumptions about mutually-understood meanings of words.

• Empirical/Scientific Verifiability— it does not ask you to take anything on faith, but to    test certain things in our real world and note the effects.

• Interactive— everything is designed to be put into practice.

• Surprisingly Close to Home— the book verbalizes things that go on inside all of us but usually    never strike us as being worth verbalizing; sometimes one realizes that a page in the book is speak-    ing to us something that we ourselves realized long ago to which we simply paid insufficient    attention.

What sets your book apart from all others in this field... is that it is a rare combination of frontier knowledge, wisdom, and plain old-fashioned warmth... in your debt for the insights it provides.
Norman Cousins, who spurred the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, winning the Eleanor Roosevelt Peace Award & UN Peace Medal

Thank you! MIND MAGIC has introduced me to a perspective I had not enjoyed before. I now feel more relaxed and happy than I had in years. Now that I feel this basic happiness, many problems that seemed unchangeable have disappeared. — Susan W., Wellfleet, MA

"This book ...seems to work like magic as you read it. It works.
You don't. Rather than tell you
how to transform your life, it gently does it to you as you read."
- John Z. New York, NY

“It is a delight. Sets forth with
neat precision just how to do it (think).”- Ram Dass, author
of Be Here Now

“Highly recommended...will loosen your moorings and open you to creative vistas.”
- Dr. Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence

“"We need the Microcosmology book. My copy was immediately taken by a friend. Please
send a dozen.
- Yoko Ono Lennon, New York City
(Original edition purchased by
John Lennon was subtitled
The Science of Microcosmology)

"...A basic program for remaining sane in this crazy, hectic, speedy culture we live in..." - Selene Kumin Vega, PhD, reviewing the book in Pentalpha Journal

Doorways into Higher Consciousness

by Bill Harvey

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