How come at certain times you act very intelligently, say exactly the right things even to expertly manipulative people who try to get the better of you, and stay in a good mood despite whatever happens?

 How come at other times you make humiliating mistakes, feel like a fool, and can’t get out of a bad mood?

The Flow State: perfect action

The professional in his/her field on a good day gets to the flow state without realizing it. With enough inner preparation and outer practice, each human being gets to be in the flow state at something they do really well, at least once in a lifetime. But it’s elusive. This is a game – the end game for a person’s evolution on Earth.

The problem/opportunity is that there could be a lot more flow state in the world right now. In flow state one sees opportunity in every problem. We need to get our leaders into flow state. The biggest opportunity under our noses today is that – with our media-dominated culture (including social media) – all it takes is to call attention to it and flow state will increase in the world. The way we became aware of healthy eating. The Institute aims to call that attention, and to provide working methods that help people get into flow state.

It’s all about Action

It’s about success in the world, and helping the world be a success. Taking care of people. And enjoying each second of it. Not being brought down out of flow state by loss of clarity – which comes from ego interruption. Ego is the self-defending robot inside. We allowed our ego side to become a center of consciousness and we are stuck in that viewpoint. Flow state is getting back into the real self above the ego.

Still, without getting into the scientific side of it, flow state is all about taking the right actions, down to every little physical movement. And getting the right results by that meticulous care.

Action Meditation is what we call our mental methodology for evoking the flow state. It is exactly the same as meditating constantly. Bringing the state of the meditator into the moment to moment action of life. It's nothing new, but no one has ever pierced it into words with such clarity before.

Remembering to STOP and THINK

Life is more complex than ever, staying on top of one’s game and taking perfect action continuously through the pressure of multiple simultaneous incoming action decision requests and hordes of distracting clutter in the environment, is unlikely until one has become established in the flow state and that is still rare today.

Therefore the rest of us will need to step back from this demanding environment from time to time each day in order to really figure out the priorities and what to do about them and how to handle the rest of it at the same time.

Ram Dass wrote about MIND MAGIC, the Institute’s first book, that it tells you just how to do it – think. A compliment we really appreciate because it is the mode of thinking that you take at those breaks that makes the difference. Having some input on what works, upgrades the process at those times away from the action, when inner preparation is the highest possible outcome of that time spent.

MIND MAGIC also helps you think in the midst of the action itself when every split second counts.

Robot thinking

Robot thinking is driven by focus on negative emotions. It does not reach clarity but instead cunning plans working for selfish interests with likelihood of being resisted by some others.

Flow state thinking is characterized by clarity and creativity and what emerges are win/win solutions less likely to be resisted and more likely to find active support. All levels of one’s thinking are integrated automatically below the level of words and so a state emerges we call Mindquiet where very few words are going through one’s mind. The mind moves much more quickly in that state.

The Offer
We want to share our techniques with you. This will cost us approximately $45 so that is what we are asking you to pay – with a moneyback guarantee. The sharing comes in the form of a dvd and a book. You consume them at your own rate and in your own way. If after 60 days you want your money back you can have it, with return of the dvd and book. Of the first 35,000 books that were sold, only 11 came back.

The Mind Magic Program elements

Brighten your future with Mind Magic Program's fun, simple method.

“MIND MAGIC is a delight. Sets forth with neat precision just how to do it (think).”
- Ram Dass, author of Be Here Now

Here's what you get—


"These are techniques that I find work for me, and for thousands of others who have written to say the techniques also work for them. Now with the DVD added to the book we are excited by the anticipated increase in the power of this program to stimulate flow state. If you don’t find yourself in a more effective state after 60 days you can return the materials for a full refund." — Bill Harvey

“Highly recommended...will loosen your moorings and open you to creative vistas.”
- Dr. Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence

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Bill Harvey
Bill Harvey
creator of the Mind Magic Program

“If a Presidential library is built
in future years, it can be
placed there.”
- Jimmy Carter

“Mind Magic is a delight. Sets
forth with neat precision just
how to do it (think).”
- Ram Dass, author of
Be Here Now

“Highly recommended...will loosen your moorings and open you
to creative vistas.”
- Dr. Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence

“"We need the Microcosmology book. My copy was immediately taken by a friend. Please send a dozen.
- Yoko Ono Lennon, New York City
(The original edition purchased by
John Lennon from the Radius
bookstore was subtitled
The Science of Microcosmology)

"What sets your book apart from all others in this field... is that it is
a rare combination of frontier knowledge, wisdom, and plain
old-fashioned warmth... in your
debt for the insights it provides."
- Norman Cousins, founder,
Saturday Review

"The reader very quickly goes from reading a book into experiencing a vitalizing recreation of consciousness and perception."
- Khigh Dhiegh, actor in Hawaii 5-0, Rector of the Taoist Sanctuary
in the West

“It will remain on my
bedside reading table.”
- Paul Harvey, "the most listened
to man in broadcasting"

“…an excellent resource for
several of our in-house programs dealing with problem-solving and bias and perceptions.”
- Phyllis Mayo, Vice President,
New England Merchant’s Bank

"Extremely useful— I can only go three or four days before I must/am ready
to return to it."
- Jenice S. San Diego, CA

“My heart is full of gratitude…
I have waited so long for someone
to speak the words that had
never been spoken before.”
- Patricia F. Iowa City, IA

“The communication so transformed and met me as to feel as though it
was clearly mind-to-mind.”
- Jordan Salison, Insight Meditation Society, Barre, MA

“I feel a lot less lonely…”
- Wendy W. Windham, NY

“It will take the psychologists thirty years to come around but there’s no need for us ordinary folk to wait.”
- Samuel R. Wauwatosa, WI

“Gave me a different slant on old problems. Stimulates thinking.
Thank You.”
- Clark S. Los Angeles, CA

“It turned on the light to many
things I’ve been experiencing
but have not been able to conceptualize or understand
as clearly as now.”
- Maddy G. New York, NY

“Amazing…manages to impart
such an incredible amount of
thought-provoking information.”
- Sara F. East Machias, ME

“We are surprised at the
simplicity and deepness of it.”
- Micha M. Houston, TX

“You’re on the right path out
of the maze of today’s
paralyzed world.”
- Fred K. Beloit, KS

“Astounding and long-overdue.”
- Kathy K. Wakefield, MA

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